Chatbot makes using Oracle EBS simpler, faster & easier.

Access EBS anywhere and on any device from messaging apps.
No Java, WiFi, VPN or special training required.

Concurrent Requests

Run requests and deliver reports with short text commands like email po 1234. Waste no more time clicking, waiting & navigating EBS UI.

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Query & Search

Find customers by zip code in AR, get unpaid invoices in AP or search any other EBS objects using simple natural language questions.

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Alerts & Notifications

Receive alerts & workflow notifications from EBS in direct/team channels in messaging apps. No need to constantly refresh inbox anymore.

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Key Features

Siba comes packed with many features and is highly adaptable, available, acessible, auditable, configurable and extensible to meet all of your needs.

Complete Solution

With a robust chatbot platform, developer tools, built-in apps for private/internal enterprise messaging, integration with several Oracle EBS modules and 3rd party messaging services, Siba includes everything you need to get started right away.

Rapid Deployment

We offer Siba in the cloud on a subscription basis using pay per user model and it works even if you have your Oracle EBS deployed in-house. Siba can also be easily deployed in the private cloud, on-premises or using a hybrid model depending upon your needs.

Role-based Access Control

Siba is aware of multi-org data security and assigned user responsibilities in Oracle EBS and only answers to the granted commands. User and role mapping is done declaratively through configuration in the Siba portal without needing any code changes.

Prebuilt Commands

Most concurrent programs, typical delivery actions such as print, email, fax and a bunch of frequently used SQL queries are enabled as Siba commands out-of-the-box. Of course, you can turn any query or extension into a command and grant access to users.

Multiple Languages

Oracle EBS users worldwide can chat with Siba Bot in the natural language of their choice and freely switch between languages any time. Siba can be configured to respond in the same or different language based on your specific requirements.

Frontend Integrations

In addition to the bundled messenger applications, we have also integrated Siba with popular messaging platforms such as Slack, Hangouts, Facebook etc. You can build custom adapters for additional channels using the bot SDK or the conversation API.


Siba works for your business 247 and acts as a Virtual Private Assistant for your employees, customers & suppliers helping them get more done in less time.


Boost Productivity

50% or more

Siba increases user efficiency and saves time by making everyday Oracle EBS tasks easier and faster, leading to improved bottom line.


Open New Channels

Text . Voice . API

Customers, suppliers & employees can use your EBS system anytime using modern messaging apps and from any device or location.


Maximize Utilization

Higher ROI

You can squeeze more out of EBS by using Siba as a conversational interface and further automating existing & future business processes.


Try the Siba Messenger online demo or check out the following screenshots for a quick sneak peek into Siba’s Oracle E-Business Suite capabilities.

If you are interested in a specific use case scenario, please let us know.


Our customers are impressed with the simplicity, agility, and mobility that Siba brings to the table and how it makes their daily tasks much easier.

“Delivering timely reports to our mobile sales force from our on-premises Oracle EBS system has been a major challenge until now. Thanks to Siba Bot, sales people are able to securely access Oracle and other backends from their iPads and ask questions, run reports etc., on-demand and in real time. We no longer waste time manually emailing reports or answering unnecessary phone calls!”

A Global Lifestyle Brands Distributor

Director of OperationsA Global Lifestyle Brands Distributor

“The most appealing aspects of Siba for me are its simplicity and mobility. I am always connected to all of my back-office systems from a single messaging app on my phone and can get answers to questions asynchronously, allowing me to multi-task.”

A Professional Services Company

IT ManagerA Professional Services Company

“I am convinced that the benefits of chatbots like Siba Bot are real and they are here to stay. A simple task such as printing a purchase order, which can tie up a user anywhere between 3-5 minutes through the regular ERP UI, can be accomplished within 3-5 seconds through Siba. I know it sounds hard to believe and I strongly suggest you give it a try and see for yourself.”

A Multi-National Specialty Industrial Manufacturer

Global IT DirectorA Multi-National Specialty Industrial Manufacturer

All-in-One Bot

1 Robust Platform
22 Integrated Modules
12 Messaging Frontends
1000 Readymade Commands

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