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Boost productivity of Oracle EBS users with a Virtual Assistant

Major Features

Opening possibilities to use, extend, support and utilize Oracle Applications in new ways in the Digital Business Age

Conversational User Interface (CUI)

Siba makes it possible to simply "talk" to Oracle EBS using natural language based interaface and perform day-to-day activities such as running requests and delivering documents with simple text commands. Break free from the traditional EBS GUI and waste no more time navigating, clicking & waiting.

Multiple Natural Languages & Frontends

Converse with Oracle Applications in English or Japanese or any other natural language of your choice and from any front-end client application like Slack, Chatter etc. Siba automatically recognizes the user and provides the same functionality irrespective of the language or front-end.

Brand New Way to Extend & Customize

While custom forms, OAF and APEX have been the primary choices to extend EBS so far, Siba offers conversations as an alternative approach to deliver new functionality around Oracle Apps modules. It is much faster & cheaper to build conversations than developing extensions in the regular way.

Accelerated User Performance

A typical everyday task like emailing a purchase order to a supplier can take anywhere between 3-5 minutes with the conventional GUI. The same task can be accomplished through Siba with a short text command like email po 1234 in less than 30 seconds, saving lots of time and boosting productivity.

Alternative Mobile Solutions

Siba enables many popular mobile-first messaging applications and voice assistants to access Oracle EBS on any device, from anywhere and anytime. Customers now have a lot more mobile solution options, in addition to the EBS Mobile Apps, to meet their specific business requirements.

Zero Technical Barriers

Say goodbye to the pesky technical requirements like VPN, WiFi, Java etc., and the need for extensive end-user training in Oracle ERP. Siba leverages modern applications built using latest technologies and provides seamless access to all enterprise systems deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Readymade Conversations

Siba allows you to perform various Oracle EBS functions with short text or voice conversations, without ever logging into the usual Oracle Apps GUI.

Tell Siba to run or schedule a concurrent program and deliver the output via print, fax or email. Save 3-5 minutes every time you submit a request in Oracle EBS.

Query, search, view and export master data such as customers, suppliers and items. Getting list of top ten customers or best selling products is just a command away!

Siba makes data available literally at your finger tips. Get outstanding customer balances, find and approve open purchase orders, view sales order details and so on.

Launch inbound or outbound interfaces from anywhere and get notified of results on any device. Waste no more time clicking, waiting and repeating actions.

Siba can subscribe to any seeded or custom business event in EBS and push relevant information to users or external systems, as events are raised in the system.

Receive Oracle EBS alerts and workflow notifcations directly into any messaging app like Slack or HipChat. No need to constantly check emails or refresh screens.

Key Differentiators

All-in-One Bot for Oracle EBS

Robust Platform
Messaging Frontends
Integrated Modules
Prebuilt Conversations

Maximize Your Oracle EBS


Siba is a product of Sirvisetti Systems Corporation. We have been delivering business automation solutions to the market since 2000 and Siba is one of our latest products focused on AI-powered chatbots.

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