Virtual Assistant for Mattermost Users

Helps users with everyday tasks such as running reports and delivering documents.

Multilingual Bot for Global Teams

Responds to user requests, in any natural language, based on role-based access rules.

Single Interface for Multiple Applications

Provides faster access to enterprise applications with simple text commands.

Whether you need to run account history report in CRM or email an invoice to a customer from ERP, Siba is always available to help & only a short command away.

Siba can query and search for information in any of your applications and get you answers quickly & easily, without requiring login to multiple backends.

Enter, update or import data into front/back-office applications from within Mattermost, saving time otherwise spent clicking & navigating several systems.

As important business or system events occur, receive notifications directly into Mattermost channels and ask Siba to take appropriate action.

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See for yourself how Mattermost users can save time and boost productivity
by delegating mundane, tedious and repetitive tasks to the skillful Siba Bot.

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Major Features


Adding Siba Chatbot to Mattermost is simple and easy. There are absolutely no changes required other than setting up a virtual user account.

Access Control

Manage fine or coarse grained access to commands using role-based access control (RBAC). Siba will answer based on user roles.

Group Chat

In group chats, Siba only responds to messages prefixed with either ! (e.g. !hello) or bot's name (e.g. @sibabot hello). This can be customized as needed.

Direct Messages

Talk to Siba one-on-one as you would with any other user. No need to use ! or mention Siba Bot's name in direct and private messages.

Rich Formatting

Siba replies with plain text as well as nicely formatted messages by leveraging Markdown & Slack attachments support in Mattermost.


Depending upon your security requirements, file attachments can either be uploaded to Mattermost or linked from Siba Repo.

Scheduled Tasks

Tell Siba to run commands for you in the future. Siba will schedule the tasks, execute them when they are due, and deliver the results in Mattermost.

Many Languages

Users can interact with Siba Bot in multiple natural languages and switch between them. Mattermost itself can use a different language.

Try Siba in 3 Quick Steps

  • Get Siba Your Way

    Sign up for Siba SaaS or install it on your server in a private cloud or on-premises.

  • Invite Siba Bot to Your Team

    Siba plugs into Mattermost as a virtual user and can be invited just like regular users.

  • Start the Conversation

    Ask Siba to print a report from HCM, search for a customer in ERP or tell you a joke...

Business Benefits

Siba works 24⁄7 for your business and never gets tired.

While Mattermost improves human team collaboration, adding Siba Bot to your organization takes it to the next level! Here are some of the key benefits.

  • Time Savings

    Boost organizational productivity by 50% or more by engaging Siba wherever possible and freeing people to focus on higher value tasks.

  • Greater Utilization

    Maximize ROI of your Mattermost and other enterprise applications by making them accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • Reduced Costs

    Eliminate development of custom apps by using Mattermost as a single frontend interface and Siba as a single backend interface.

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