All-in-One Intelligent Bot forBusiness

Siba is a smart chatbot/virtual digital assistant that works 24/7 for your organization. Boosts productivity, saves time, reduces costs, and ready for conversational commerce.

Conversable fromAny Frontend

Siba has built-in workplace messaging apps and includes readymade adapters for many external services like Slack, Facebook, Alexa etc. Build custom adapters for more.

Skilled inMany Backends

Siba comes with prebuilt skills to interface with various SaaS/on-premises apps such as Salesforce and Oracle ERP. Train in custom skills for additional systems & APIs.

A Complete Chatbot Solution

Pre-integrated and certified with many popular front-office and back-office applications

Built on a powerful and secure platform, Siba includes everything you need to deploy, extend and support bots in your organization.

Access Siba 24/7 from any app on any device by leveraging the built-in adapters or by building custom integrations using the SDK/APIs.

Siba likes to learn constantly and is pre-trained in popular back-office SaaS/on-premises apps to start boosting productivity from day one.

Team and express messenger apps for private messaging are bundled with Siba and there is no need for a 3rd party platform to get you started.

Extending Siba is a joy for both analysts & programmers with the browser-based Visual Flow Builder and/or traditional text-based coding.

Manage Siba users, groups, proxies, skills, triggers, documents and reports from the rich web-based collaboration environment.

Highly Extensible

with static and dynamic skills

Chances are Siba is already trained in your back-office apps. If not, you can easily build custom skills no matter whether your backend applications are deployed in the cloud or on-premises and are accessible via APIs, SQL or some other libraries.

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Featured Skills

Easily Accessible

via multiple channel adapters

Employees, customers and partners can reach Siba 24/7 from the built-in private messenger apps or external platforms like Slack, Facebook, Hangouts etc. Custom adapters can be developed quickly for other web or mobile applications.

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Flexibly Deployable

We offer the following three options to deploy Siba for your business. If you are looking for a different model, please contact us.

Private SaaS

You can subscribe to Siba using pay per user model, where we host, maintain and support a private Siba instance for you. This option is recommended if all of your back-office apps are already in the cloud. See pricing for more details.

Private Cloud/On-Premises

This option allows you to deploy Siba to a private cloud of your choice or on-premises using the traditional software licensing model. We offer standard and premium support plans to meet your specific requirements.

Hybrid Model

If some of your back-office apps are deployed on-premises while others are in the cloud, this option allows you to run Siba Flow component only on-premises and the rest in the cloud, providing seamless access to all of your apps.

All-in-One Bot

We have done all the heavy lifting and developed Siba as a comprehensive packaged solution, so you don't have to start from scratch. Siba comes with everything you need to launch a bot in minutes!

  • Scalable Server Platform
  • Prebuilt Skills & Adapters
  • Developer and Administator Tools






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About us

Siba is a product of Sirvisetti Systems Corporation. We have been delivering business automation solutions to the market since 2000 and Siba is one of our latest products focused on AI-powered chatbots.


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